Stay Calm and Holiday On!

The Holidays can be overwhelming both mentally and physically What with all the long distance travel in cramped spaces for hours at a time and associated awkward positions, lifting heavy suitcases filled with packages without remembering to bend at the knees and hips, and so on. This can often lead to neck and shoulder tension, and when you throw loud relatives on top of it all, mental tension enough to threaten making you into a Grinch or Scrooge! Luckily, research supports your smart decision to come see us to help.

While popping an ibuprofin may seem like a quick fix, no one should have to rely on popping pills over the holidays to stay healthy. Not only that, but over-the-counter medications come with their own list of side-effects that can affect how holiday experience. That’s what makes Chiropractic a great option. Not only does Research show us that getting adjusted drastically relieves neck tension and stress, the treatments themselves are especially relaxing and far more fulfilling than taking a glass of water with your pill.

Travel is an ever increasingly vital part of this time of year as families begin to spread out more and more across the states. These trips are supposed to be fun, so let us help you make it that way. If you’re planning on travelling, come on in for a visit both before and after so we can put your body right. We’ll even be sure to show you some easy stretches and exercises you can do on your own to stay in tip-top shape between visits. Here’s wishing you a Happy Holiday, and leaving you with a few reminders before Christmas:

Sources available upon request.

Dr. Derrick T Dube, DC Chiropractic Physician and Associate Provider of Better Chiropractic

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