Keep your Kid Moving Towards Great Health

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You’ll never get anywhere in life if you aren’t moving. Physical activity is crucial to your health, with things such as cardiovascular disease and depression being linked to a lack of it. Not only that, but these connections are something that starts early in your childhood. Forming good habits now will impact your children greatly in the long run.

There are plenty of wonderful activities such as board games, video games, and reading that are good by themselves, but that tend to exclude any kind of physical activity. Finding time to be active doesn’t only flex your physical muscles, but your mental ones, too. In childhood, being active helps encourage the learning of “movement” skills” such as agility and hand/eye coordination.

Establishing these consistent habits early in children will start them on an important path of good health through their whole lives. Not only that, but moving right is important, too. It’s important to remember that Chiropractic is an important part of movement health, because it keeps your joints moving correctly and reduces your risk of injury. So come on by to make sure that your child is moving like her or she should.

Before you go, here are a couple tips to remember:

Dr. Derrick T Dube, DC Chiropractic Physician and Associate Provider of Better Chiropractic

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