Backpacks and Back Pain in Kiddos

How heavy is that backpack?

Even though technology continues to allow us to store more data on smaller devices, the bags we carry around all day don’t seem to get much lighter. This is especially true for students, where backpacks can be over-weighted with textbooks, technology, and school supplies. Throw on top of that the poor way kids wear those bags and it’s a recipe for back pain.

A large majority of children carry around backpacks that weigh 15lbs or more. For a grade schooler, that can be as much as 20% of their body weight or greater! Over time this loading will make changes not only to their general posture, but possibly permanent changes in the form of bone developmental issues due to spinal compression. This makes it incredibly difficult to alter posture later in life and can lead to chronic pain issues. Here are some pointers for better carrying backpacks:

We know it’s popular to choose your bag based on what looks cool or has the most compartment space. We think choosing to Live Better by having a smaller, more ergonomic bag will help you and your kids to Feel Better physically and Perform Better in school and extra-curriculars. And if your kid does happen to have an back or neck pain, headaches, or numbness and tingling, remember your Premier Gilbert Clinic, Better Chiropractic, is here to get your kids back on track—fast!


Dr. Derrick T Dube, DC Chiropractic Physician and Associate Provider of Better Chiropractic

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