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Is Kinesiotape worth the Hype?

What is this colorful tape more athletes are wearing at sporting events, and how does it work? Find out how kinesiotape may be a great option for you to feel, live, or perform better.

Mar 19th, 2019
Foam Rolling the Right Way!

Foam Rolling is an excellent way to improve range of motion, decrease pain, and reduce risk of injury. Regrettably, many aren't doing it quite right. Find out how to get more out of your foam roller.

Mar 5th, 2019
The Danger of Opioids

While Opioids are affective at relieving pain, they're also affective at leading to addiction. That's why Better Chiropractic wants to education you about the relative risks involved and let you know there are other, better options.

Feb 28th, 2019
The Headache Epidemic and How to Help Stop It

Headaches could be considers a scourge to our society! Sadly, the side-effects of one of the most popular treatments--medication--INCLUDE causing MORE headaches! So what else can you do to get relief?

Feb 20th, 2019
Relieving Pain without Drugs

Today the medical community has waged it's own war on drugs, banding together to combat the opioid epidemic that has devastated so many lives.

Feb 13th, 2019
Keeping Free from Injury during Crossfit

CrossFit is a new, wonderful way to stay healthy by being active. Sadly, it is also not uncommon to see people get injured from overexerting themselves. Read on to get some tips of how enjoy your workout without fear of injury!

Jan 29th, 2019
Pro Athletes benefit from Chiropractic--and so can you!

If you wanna be the best, you gotta move the best. Chiropractic is PERFECT for helping with that, and most Pro Athletes know it. Do you use Chiropractic to up your game? We're offering you a chance to do so with POWER HOUR!!

Jan 22nd, 2019
Do you know your Healthcare Team?

Research supports the use of a multi-disciplinary approach for most conditions, which means using more than one provider in different specialties to tackle health and wellness.

Jan 14th, 2019
Stay Calm and Holiday On!

Travel over the holiday brings families together--literally! Being cramped up during holiday travel can do a number on our body. Stay on top of your health with Chiropractic!

Dec 17th, 2018
Holiday Stress can Be Beat!

The Holidays are a beautiful time--and a stressful time. Here are some steps to stay on top of this busy time of year!

Dec 11th, 2018
Perform Better with Chiropractic Care!

At Feel, Live, and Perform Better Chiropractic we pride ourselves on our advanced training and ability to provide the athlete within all of us the bestBetter Chiropractic-Gilbert-Arizona care available for most athletic injuries. Dr. Bates understands...

Nov 29th, 2011
Therapeutic Taping: Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape is a therapeutic tape that is thin and stretchy and is designed to promote movement as opposed to immobilizing an injured region of the body. Kinesiology tape is used to help relieve a patient’s pain, reduce swelling and inflammation...

Sep 23rd, 2011
Precompetition Meal: Myth or Miraculous?

As a Chiropractic Sports Physician the discussion of what you should eat before you compete has come up several times. With each conversation my attempt to answer that question has been somewhat ambiguous. I prefer to be as clear and direct...

Jun 7th, 2011
Things To Consider When Choosing A Chiropractor

1. Wellness or maintenance care.Gilbert Arizona Chiropractor-Better Chiropractic Too many Chiropractors put their financial wealth before their patients health. Although regular chiropractic care is a great way to prevent future problems...

May 25th, 2011

Chiropractors are specially trained to diagnose the specific problems that are responsible for your pain. By reviewing your health history, the history of your condition and a thorough orthopedic and neurological examination, chiropractors can diagnose...

May 18th, 2011
Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is a common occurrence during pregnancy. Unlike many other common side effects of pregnancy you don’t have to grin and bear it. Normal weight gain, especially in the later phases of pregnancy puts pressure on your spinal curve...

Apr 27th, 2011
Ice and Injuries

I often get asked, “When should you use ice and when should you use heat?”. You should use ice only for the first 48 hours after being injured. Ice for 15-20 minutes and after a couple of hours you can ice again. Make sure not to ice for more than 20 min..

Mar 29th, 2011
About Chiropractic

Doctors of Chiropractic (DC) undergo a rigorous and demanding professional education equivalent to any other primary care provider (ie. Family Practitioner, General Practitioner). Their curriculum places special emphasis on anatomy, physiology, pathology..

Nov 17th, 2010